For Issuers

  • Asset Manager

    Admin panel with multi-sig capabilities lets you require multiple confirmations from trusted parties to securely perform management actions.

  • Asset Wallet

    Web and mobile wallet applications for end-users. Save on research and development costs, be sure that assets of your users are secure.

  • Blockchain Explorer

    See all transactions, addresses and technical information in web browser. Blockchain explorer is your first step in audit and debug.

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  • Dividend reports

    Token ownership report generator could be used to determine asset holders to send them ICO profits.

    Access report generator

For Exchanges

  • EToken

    Set of Ethereum smart contracts that are used to issue assets on blockchain. Ready to securely launch your currency, asset or ICO.

  • ETokenD

    Lightweight JSON-RPC API server that has bitcoind-like interface to make integration easier - you don't have to run any other Ethereum software for integration.

Middleware Services

  • Supernode

    Reliable blockchain access point that eliminates the need to run and manage your own Ethereum node.

  • Notification Service

    Get POST callbacks (webhooks) to your application when events happen in blockchain.

  • Keystore

    Secure storage for encrypted wallet containers. Be sure that the most important data of your application is stored in a reliable place.

  • Security Oracle

    2-factor authentication for Ethereum transactions. Don't miss an additional layer of security for your users' assets.

  • Ether Faucet

    Pay Ethereum transaction fee with instant exchange of your asset to Ether. Make sure new wallets are able to send transactions.

  • Enterprise Bitcoin server

    Manage unlimited multi-sig wallets with own private keys, get POST callbacks (webhooks), make sure that assets are secure even if server is hacked.

  • Transaction History

    Get information about blockchain transactions via API. Make sure your application has the most recent and accurate data.