For Issuers

  • Go global - issue your asset on the blockchain in minutes

    We have automated the process of launching a blockchain asset. No need for programming skills.

  • Expose yourself to $150B+ market - fast track listing on exchanges worldwide with Exchange Listing Assistance

    We help you list your asset on the eligible trading platforms worldwide. Assets that are issued using our platform meet all technical requirements and exchange integration can be fast-tracked.

  • Bootstrap your product ecosystem with Ambisafe Essentials: branded wallets, mobile apps, exchange, merchant API’s and blockchain explorer

    We have in-depth understanding of the needs of blockchain asset administrators and their customers. We offer a set of white label software products that saves you up to a year of engineering efforts.

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Ethereum inside: most advanced smart contracts with multi-sig security, institutional transaction routing, dynamic transaction fees and other unique features

We believe that Ethereum is the most advanced shared ledger protocol that has been invented at the moment. Our products are built on top of it. This has enabled a set of unique features that are not possible in other protocols.

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