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  • Add multiple unique assets in one step

    Ambisafe provides access to multiple blockchain-based financial instruments. The full list can be found here. Any and all of those instruments can be integrated using the same API, unlike altcoins where you have to write custom code for each new currency. Also we have developed a lightweight JSON-RPC API server that has bitcoind-like interface to make integration easier - you don't have to run any other software for integration.

  • Get promoted among market makers

    Each asset issuer promotes all exchanges where his asset is traded among their audience. We will announce each integration across our network. It brings more traffic to your exchange and generates additional trading volume.

  • Advanced security protocols for each of the assets: co-signing, recovery and multi-sig for cold storage

    Our team has been involved in building multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms. We have deep understanding of security concerns of cryptocurrency custodial accounts and offer complete solution that addresses most of them.

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Mike Chobanyan, Kuna Exchange

"Our exchange uses multiple Ambisafe products on the backend and we are happy with the quality of support and responsiveness of the team"